July 10, 2021

Cartridge heater design – in focus

By Donny Romero

Did you know that not all Cartridge heaters Are they made in the same manner?

They may appear identical on the outside, but they can look very different inside. Others are reasonably priced and provide reasonable performance. Some are high-performance, long-lasting and more expensive.

We are a top UK manufacturer and have unparalleled knowledge. 

Design of cartridge heater We’re sharing this information to show that we have some knowledge about how they are made.

There are two ways to build a cartridge heater

Two ways can a custom cartridge heater be made currently:

1. Standard construction

This is the most popular method. This is basically how a nickel-chromium resistance cable is wound (helically), and threaded through holes in a ceramic bobbin. The resistance wire and bobbin can then be inserted into a tube made of metal. The tube is then filled with pure, loose magnesium oxide (MgO).

Loose magnesium oxide is a poor thermal conductor. It prevents heat transfer from the resistance wire to outer metal sheath to a certain degree. This particular design results in a cartridge heater with low-wattage that is ideal for low operating temperatures.

2. Swagged construction

A slightly more complicated construction process is needed to create a heater with high-wattage density.

A nickel-chromium resistance copper wire is wrapped around a ceramic ballbin. To ensure that the ceramic is within reach, the wire is not threaded. After the wire and bobbin have been placed in a tube of metal, pure MgO is then vibrated into any gaps. To reduce the inner diameter of a tube, it is used a “swagging” process.

This reduces the MgO and improves its thermal conduction. The cartridge heater can be used for higher temperatures and vibration applications.

Leaders in the construction of cartridge heaters

We are masters at our craft and can create both the right and the wrong. Design of cartridge heaters As mentioned above. We offer both low-watt and high-watt cartridge heaters. This is due to our deep understanding of the market. Construction of cartridge heaters. We can also make Custom heaters. These are made according to your specifications.

Our cartridge heaters are made of stainless steel AISI 304/316/321/INCOLOY with a welded tip, ceramic insulator and pure magnesium oxide insulation. They also have a ceramic core, heat resistant conductor leads, conductor wire, and a ceramic core. They can be fitted with any of the most popular cable terminations, such as: Standard, right-angle and fixing tab are all possible.

You can find more information about these terminations as well as the technical details for our products on our technical specifications page. If you have any questions about cartridge heater design or how cartridge heaters work, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are always available to assist and share our knowledge on the topic.

You can prevent future breakdowns by doing your research and choosing the right cartridge heater for you. Our team of experts is here to help.